Enterprise Content Management with DOXiS4

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Since 2001 "INFO-TEC" is known as Enterprice content management solution provider with significant footprint in implemented electronic document solutions in Lithuania.

More than 16 years of experience in Enterprise content management (ECM) we manege to deliver tailored solutions; support, maintain and develop content management systems in production. Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in the field. In Lithuania "INFO-TEC" represents German ECM vendor "SER Group" and implements ECM solution on DOXiS4 platform.


Electronic Archive

• Electronic document libraries
• tamper-proof archiving for all accounting documents (both paper-based and digital) certified in accordance with IDW PS 880 German auditing standard
• integration in all accounting, material management and inventory management systems (e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics)
• option to set up temporary workspaces to give auditors access to digital documents
• complete documentation of the whole history of every business transaction


• secure access to records no matter where you are in the world
• dynamic folders using automatic technology to keep eRecords up-to-date and complete
• full, up-to-date overview of all information, even from third-party systems
• ability to edit process instances within a team, with members from several different sites being able to access the same records
• reduced space, material and staff costs

Business process management

• integrated ECM & BPM
• automated structured business processes
• routine processes (automation) and knowledge work (ad-hoc processes)
• low processing and completion times
• more transparency in business processes
• higher level of service


• universal interfaces for all standard business applications (ERP, CRM, HR etc.)
• special functions fully integrated into applications from vendors like SAP, Microsoft, IBM
• standardised access to full records and up-to-date documents from the business application in question
• universal and company-wide ECM

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please visit the vendor site at www.ser-solutions.com



  • Document and confidential content management
  • Record linking
  • Document search and filtering engine
  • retention management (ILM)
  • The integrated viewer displays over 300 file formats
  • Reminders
  • Collaboration and document sharing
  • Reports
  • Business operations management
  • Integration
  • Intelligent replication

Why DOXiS4?

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Apie SER Group ir elektroninio turinio valdymo sprendimą DOXiS4

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