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Do you know how much does it costs for you to print an A4 document?

More than 90% of Lithuanian CEO's do not have the answer to this question. Before making a decision, consider all the related documents printing and copying costs! INFO-TEC is certified Toshiba TEC representative in Lithuania. We have the Know-How to estimate and offer the Solution to fit your needs best!


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Toshiba e-CONCEPT

INFO-TEC specialists perform an audit of printing and copying equipment with a detailed analysis of the operating costs by Toshiba methodology based on the international best practices. An all-round view of costs and the ideal system equipment are necessary for economically efficient business. That’s where e-CONCEPT, the Managed Document Services (MDS) strategy from Toshiba, begins. The audit findings expose the exact direct and indirect costs of office communication:
- Are you making the best use of your systems?
- How many pages are you printing, copying, or scanning?
- Which of the documents you print daily are you only using short term?
- How high are your actual costs?
From the strategy to the solution: after audit, we provide a detailed report of the actual operating costs (TCO) and recommendations and proposals for cost optimization.
We analyze - you win: this service won’t cost you, if the audit results show that there are no technical possibilities in the long term to reduce printing and copying costs at least by 10%.

Toshiba solutions with e-BRIDGE printers

The management and accounting solution e-FOLLOW

The virtual print queue concept of Toshiba’s e-FOLLOW will hold your print jobs until you decide where you want to print. Once you have chosen a printer and have selected your print job, you still have the possibility to change parameters such as simplex/duplex printing or printing colour print jobs in black & white. With e-FOLLOW you don’t have to worry about your print job getting lost, misplaced or accidentally thrown away. Your documents will only be printed when you are ready to collect them.

With e-FOLLOW it is easy to define quotas for users, departments and devices, manage users access rights, generate reports to analyse the device usage and provide the data to allocate the true costs of printing and optimise printer usage.

Documents processing automation

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store simplifies and automates the processing of documents. With just a touch of a single button, your paper document is automatically processed based on pre-defined workflows and then stored in its designated place. A variety of powerful features help you bridge the gap between hard copies, electronic files and your back-end application.

Document format convertion

Toshiba eBRIDGE Re-Rite is a complete, easy to use and affordable office automation platform, which automatically converts scanned paper documents into editable and searchable files via an eSTUDIO multifunctional system (MFP).
One touch complete workflow – You can choose one of 21 electronic file formats including Word, Excel, PDF and HTML and e-BRIDGE Re-Rite will perform automatic document scanning, optical character recognition, format conversion and document routing to pre-selected destinations.

e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System

The Toshiba e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System (EFMS) is a unique, dedicated and reliable network management tool for MFPs and printers which allows you to measure almost everything with regards to system and consumables usage. The easy installation and sophisticated reporting help you optimise your print fleet remotely. You can maximise the systems efficiency and create detailed user-based reporting for transparent cost-allocation.

e-BRIDGE printers with integrated ABBYY FineReader software

ABBYY FineReader recognition engine integration with the Toshiba multifunction printing devices allows business users to convert easily scanned documents and images into editable, searchable text, preserving the original document structure, layout and formatting. With ABBYY, users now can perform text recognition (OCR) tasks as easily as other standard functions.

Printing on Toshiba Waterproof Paper

Printing on waterproof paper – it‘s an industrial innovation that allows to print high image quality without having disadvantages of laminated paper. Toshiba Waterproof Paper is not only waterproof, but also resistant against UV radiation as well as oil and chemicals. You can save time and money because printing does need any additional equipment. Waterproof Paper can be used with all e-STUDIO colour systems. Prints perfectly can be used for outdoor signs, labels, outdoor advertising, outdoor trade, etc.

Toshiba Printing Devices

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