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Have you considered how much time you spend scanning documents and manually entering data?

The services provided by the INFO-TEC Digitisation Centre cover a wide range of document management processes. We also provide specific, individual services for data recognition, data entry and document upload. We work with paper and electronic documents. For customers looking for the most efficient solution to optimise their business processes, we are ready to transfer document and data processing to INFO-TEC and offer a rental service.









Invoice processing and Data Capture

  • The invoice document data has to be entered in and processed to ERP or ECM manually?
  • Qualified staff spend time for simple tasks to enter the invoice data manually?
  • Growing business produce more documents and data but it is not efficient to hire new people?
  • Have issues with data quality, mistakes and data inconsistency? It takes additional time to find and correct the mistakes?
  • You experience the peaks of incoming documents and data, and that impacts service delay to customers and late reporting?
More about the service

Redirect the paper originals and electronic document to INFO-TEC and we will take care of the invoice data capture, verification and automatic data entry and filling.

Using IS integration technologies we will transfer the data to your ERP, ECM, DMS or other application.

  • Do your have to process a lot of incoming mail every day?
  • Scanning documents is technically difficult due to the large volume of documents?
  • Uploading a document to a content management or other information system application is time-consuming?
  • When uploading a document to an application you have to manually enter document metadata?
  • Are you planning to centralize the processing of correspondence in your organization and are you considering redirecting the flow of correspondence to a third party?
  • Are you investigating the efficiency and cost of the process and want to compare the ROI of outsourcing this service to INFO-TEC?

Mailroom Services

Redirect the incoming paper and electronic document flow to INFO-TEC, and we will manage document digitization, enter metadata, upload the data and PDF files to Enterprise Content Management systems or other application using system integration tools.

Metadata capture and entering

  • Uploading the document to the application the document metadata has to be entered manually?
  • Daily business activities produce a lot of documents that have to be sorted?
  • Need to digitize files and make the inventory of documents in the file, creating the appropriate electronic document structure?
  • Planning to digitize paper documents and transform the organization in to paperless office?
  • Need to digitize and inventory paper documents archive before sending documents for long-term storage?
  • Need to update the set of your electronic document metadata?

With specially prepared recognition templates the document type is recognized and specific metadata captured: name, legal information, date, codes, etc. In addition the metadata check can be performed, automatic data comparison with the database and metadata update from the database.
Recognition and data capture results can be exported to a file system directory or uploaded to any application.

  • Manual document sorting and preparation for archiving is expensive and takes a lot of time?
  • All business documents are being scanned, but you face difficulties when you need to find a specific document?
  • You receive a lot of correspondence and documents have to be promptly submitted for further processing?
  • Need to digitize and inventory paper documents archive before sending documents for long-term storage?
  • Different type documents have to be saved for an appropriate period of time – somebody has to sort the paper or electronic documents archive?

Document scanning and sorting

With specially prepared recognition templates the document type is recognized, document metadata captured and the documents are being sorted in file system directory structure or documents are grouped according the metadata. In addition the metadata check can be performed, automatic data comparison with the database and metadata update from the database.

The metadata and PDF files can be imported to any application or database.

Unstructured information processing and data systemization

  • Is the information you need available from different sources?
  • Some of the information is in archived documents and some in e-documents?
  • Is the information you need in several documents?
  • You need to convert the content into a single database structure for import into an application information system or database.

Using recognition technology, we can process large amounts of information and find specific documents or specific data in documents that you are interested in. This allows you to monitor a large flow of information and not miss information of interest to you, or simply search for information in existing documents. The identified data can be further processed and transformed for transfer to the appropriate information system or analytical subsystem for further work.




  • Are you planning to transfer images of documents (cadastral certificates, technical documentation, etc.) into a GIS database and link them to geographic objects?
  • Do you need to transfer relevant information describing geographic features from original paper documents and enter it into a GIS database?
  • Do you need to organise, combine and transfer data stored in different information sources and formats into a GIS database?

Entering geographic information systems (GIS) data from paper documents

INFO-TEC provides digitisation and data processing services for GIS documents (cadastral files, maps, drawings, topo photos, etc.) by identifying, structuring and transferring relevant data into a GIS database.

Text recognition (OCR, OMR)

  • Need to recognise the text of an electronic document?
  • Create an additional text layer (Full Text PDF) for an e-document?
  • Need to add the text of an email message to a document received by email?
  • Need to recognise the meaning of barcodes?
  • Need to process documents in a Microsoft SharePoint library?
  • Want to convert a PDF document into a Microsoft Word or Excel file?

The tools and technologies used perform automatic speech recognition – 199 languages. Content recognition, content structure reconstruction and document classification. Possibility to convert recognition results and file format to Microsoft Office Word and Excel formats.

Metadata recognition and automatic input for structured documents (fixed forms, questionnaires) and unstructured documents (contracts, letters). Document type and specific document metadata are recognised, checked, automatically compared with databases and added from databases, using specially developed recognition templates.

  • Have you considered how much it costs you to maintain a document archive?
  • Do you often knock on the archive door looking for documents?
  • How easily do you find the documents you need?
  • Are you planning to scan archive documents but for security reasons you can’t export or transfer them to a third party?
  • It is not a rational decision to start digitising documents in-house and buy professional equipment?
  • Are you looking for a service provider that can carry out the digitisation of your documents?

Scanning documents

INFO-TEC performs scanning of documents of various formats (from A5 and smaller to A0+ drawings) in the scanning centre in Vilnius or at the Client’s premises: we prepare the documents for scanning (unbinding and sorting), the optimal configuration of scanning hardware is prepared to ensure the quality of scanning, the scanned image is optimised and prepared for text recognition (removing the background and image garbage, image cropping). Once the work has been completed, the documents are prepared for transfer to a physical archive for long-term storage.

We also scan drawings and technical documentation in accordance with the requirements for uploading to the Infostatyba information system.


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