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Have you ever wondered how much time does it take to scan the documents and enter the data manually?

INFO-TEC Scan Center services cover a wide range of document processing functions and processes. We provide specific, personalized custom service. Scan Center process paper and electronic documents. Looking for the efficient business process optimization for the Client we are ready to offer Business Process Outsourcing and related services.

Invoice Data Capture

  • The invoice document data has to be filled in and processed to ERP or ECM manually?
  • Your skilled people spend time for simple tasks to fill in the invoice data manually?
  • Growing business produce more documents and data but there is no possibility to hire new people?
  • Have issues with data quality, mistakes and data inconsistency? It takes additional time to find and correct the mistakes?
  • You experience the peaks of incoming documents and data, and that is a reason of slow processing and late reporting?

Redirect the paper originals and electronic document to INFO-TEC and we will take care of the invoice data capture, verification and automatic data entry and filling. Using IS integration technologies we will tranfer the data to your ERP, ECM or other application.


Invoice document processing process includes:

  1. Invoice header information data capture and recognition – document no., date, supplier / recipient information, the amount, currency, etc.
  2. Invoices lines information data capture and recognition – the product/ service code, description, quantity, price, discount amount, etc.
  3. Automatic data verification – calculation rules applied: prices check, amount and VAT values;
  4. Automatic data verification with existing suppliers and items lists or database;
  5. New suppliers and new items are identified and separate procedure prepared to upload the data to ERP system;
  6. Possibility to capture and recognize any other invoice document data: unit code, cost center, contact person’s name, etc.
  7. Possibility to add additional data and information that is not on the invoice but there are rules for such information – the goods/services attributes, Gross Book Account, link with the order, etc.
  8. 100% data quality assurance, all the data captured is double-checked – automatic verification in OCR process and manual verification control;
  9. Data export format is prepared according the specific accounting or ERP system at Customer – Excel , XML or CSV;
  10. Data exchange is secure and can be via email, FTP server or Web services;
  11. Supplier information and item data is linked with the ERP or other target information system records. The new suppliers or new items data is filled in.
  12. Different countries and languages invoices can be processed in the same project.
  13. After the document data processing the document PDF file is prepared with the metadata and the link to the document. After document link import to the accounting or ERP system, the electronic document PDF can be opened directly form the accounting record card.



  • Your receive a lot of correspondence every day? Maybe even different locations?
  • Document scanning is challenging because of the high volume of pages?
  • Document upload to the Enterprise Content Management or other application takes too long?
  • Uploading the document to the application the document metadata has to be filled in manually?
  • Planning to consolidate and centralize the processing of correspondence and considering the outsourcing service?
  • Want to analyze the process efficiency and costs? Do you want to compare the TCO and evaluate ROI vs. INFOTEC services?

Mailroom Services

Redirect the incoming paper and electronic document flow to INFOTEC, and we will manage document digitization, fill in metadata, upload the data and PDF files to Enterprise Content Management systems or other application using system integration possibilities.

Metadata capture and automatic fill in

  • Uploading the document to the application the document metadata has to be filled in manually?
  • Daily business activities produce a lot of documents that have to be sorted?
  • Need to digitize files and make the inventory of documents in the file, creating the appropriate electronic document structure?
  • Planning to digitize paper documents and transform the organization in to paperless office?
  • Need to digitize and inventory paper documents archive before sending documents for long-term storage?
  • Need to update the set of your electronic document metadata?

With specially prepared recognition templates the document type is recognized and specific metadata captured: name, legal information, date, codes, etc. In addition the metadata check can be performed, automatic data comparison with the database and metadata update from the database.
Recognition and data capture results can be exported to a file system directory or uploaded to any application.

  • Manual document sorting and preparation for archiving is expensive and takes a lot of time?
  • All business documents are being scanned, but you face difficulties when you need to find a specific document?
  • You receive a lot of correspondence and documents have to be promptly submitted for further processing?
  • Need to digitize and inventory paper documents archive before sending documents for long-term storage?
  • Different type documents have to be saved for an appropriate period of time – somebody has to sort the paper or electronic documents archive?

Document Sorting

With specially prepared recognition templates the document type is recognized, document metadata captured and the documents are being sorted in file system directory structure or documents are grouped according the metadata. In addition the metadata check can be performed, automatic data comparison with the database and metadata update from the database.
The metadata and PDF files can be imported to any application or database.

Unstructured information processing and data systemization

  • The information for your business in various documents and document formats?
  • Some of the information is paper document archive and some part in e-documents?
  • The required information is in few sources?
  • The content has to be converted to a single database structure for import to the target application or database?

Using character recognition technology, we are able to process large amounts of information and find exactly the documents you’re interested in or specific data in the documents. This technology empowers monitoring of large flow of information with possibility to detect the data you are interested in, or just to make the data search in existing documents. Recognized data later on can be processed and uploaded to Business intelligence or any other information system for further tasks.

  • Planning to upload documents (cadastre registry files, technical documentation, etc.) files to GIS database and link to the geographic objects?
  • Relevant geographic objects describing information from the original paper documents has to be transferred to the GIS database?
  • The required object data, stored in different sources and formats has to be merged and transferred to GIS database?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data update

INFO-TEC provides GIS documents (cadastre registry files, object cards, drawings, charts, images and other documents) digitization and data processing services, processing relevant data recognition, systematization and data transfer to the GIS database.

Text recognition (OCR)

  • Do you need to read and recognize the text from unstructured document?
  • Do you need and additional text layer of the electronic document (Full Text, Readable PDF)?
  • Do you need to add the e-mail body text to the attachment received by e-mail?
  • Do you need to read the bar-code from the document?
  • Do you need to process the documents from the SharePoint library?
  • Do you need to convert a PDF document format to Microsoft Word or Excel?

Tools and technologies used in the Scan Center deliver searchable documents in multiple output formats and in more than 190 languages, performs optical character recognition (OCR) and enables the addition of metadata. The results are delivered directly to network folders, SharePoint libraries or other storage and management systems and in any of a wide range of formats. These include searchable PDF or PDF/A files, XML data, editable documents such as Microsoft Word and Excel files, and plain text files.

For the structured documents (fixed forms, questionnaires) and unstructured documents (contracts, letters) processing the system recognizes document type, document specific metadata, Data is verified, automatically compared with databases and lists and updated.

  • Have you considered the total cost of physical document archive ownership?
  • How often do you have to enter the archive room to look for the documents?
  • How fast and easy you find the necessary documents?
  • Planning to scan the archive documents, but for security reasons you can not send them out or trust to a third party?
  • To launch the documents digitization processes with internal resources and buy professional hardware equipment is not a rational decision?
  • Looking for a Service Provider who is able to carry out document digitization?

Document Scanning

INFO-TEC process various document formats (starting A5 and smaller up to A0 + drawings) scanning  at Scan Center in VIlnius or on Customer premises, including documents preparation for scanning (unbinding and sorting), optimal scanning hardware configuration preparation for high scanning quality assurance, the scanned images cleaning and optimization for the text recognition (removing background, image noise, image clipping). After scanning the document are prepared for transfer to a physical archive for long term storage.

INFO-TEC also offers drawings and technical documentation scanning, according to the IS “Infostatyba” upload requirements.


If you are wondering how much you can save by outsourcing the actual received and historical business documents digitization and processing, please send us a brief information about the case and expectations, and we will contact you with the services proposal. We will find the solution together!